About Kathie

My name is Kathie Tilton and I am a doll collector and owner of Kathie’s Fashion Dolls. I am blessed to have a career where I make money selling and searching for dolls. I sell fashion dolls of all types with an emphasis on vintage Barbie dolls, clothing, and accessories.

I have loved dolls all my life and remember fondly my days of playing with my friend Lisa and our Barbie dolls, vinyl cases, Country Camper, and Barbie’s Friendship airplane. In Junior High I put away my dolls in a wooden treasure chest in my bedroom and would take them out periodically to make sure they were OK. In my early 20’s I took the dolls out of storage and began displaying them and collecting dolls in earnest. I attended doll shows and auctions with my Mom who was also a collector. At this point I was a “generalist” and would buy any doll I liked.

About 12 years ago I came across my first vintage Barbie doll and have been hooked ever since. I instantly fell in love with the quality of vintage Barbie dolls and was amazed by the well-made fashions. I now have an extensive collection of vintage Barbie & Family dolls (in and out of their original boxes), fashions, and numerous licensed products. About a year ago my friend Tamara introduced me to Momoko, a Japanese fashion doll. I love her almost as much as Barbie and have added a number to my collection. I also have a smattering of other fashion dolls: Gene, Tyler, and Jill to name a few.

In addition to my business, I am wife to Pete (29 wonderful years) and mother of two children: Sarah, an exotic animal trainer for the studio industry and Matt, who is beginning film school and hopes to work as a film editor. My other hobbies include cooking, scrapbooking, and reading murder mysteries.

I hope to write informative posts for you on all aspects of vintage Barbie collecting. Please leave comments here with ideas of topics you'd like me to cover. My fashion doll store can be found here.


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