Wednesday, April 23, 2014

At the Westin LAX--first night--waiting for the Korean BJD Show!

Beatnik Blues gets ready for summer...

Poppy in Trina

I've finally gotten a chance to take some decent photos of the Trina Turk Barbie set I won in the raffle room at the Grant A Wish convention. It's a really great set--versatile and fun--even if you aren't a fun of Model Muse Barbies.

Here is my OOAK rerooted Poppy Parker Beatnik Blues, getting ready for summer, wearing the bikini, coverup, hat and bracelet from the set. You have to admit, she looks pretty amazing in it--and it fits her perfectly! The bandeau top ties in the back, so I imagine it would fit different sizes pretty well.

You can see additional photos on Flickr.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fall Flowers by Magia 2000

Fall Flowers

I also got a chance to snap a few photos of my very first Magia 2000 OOAK doll, Fall Flowers. I was able to pick her up at the Grant A Wish convention during room shopping--and I'm just so thrilled.

She uses a Steffie sculpt, and she's wearing a hand-beaded gown with silk flower details. You can see lots more photos on Flickr. I think she's the shining star of my Barbie collection!

Magia 2000 at Grant A Wish


Check out the photos on Flickr if you'd like to see a selection of the dolls that Mario of Magia 2000 brought with him to sell at the Grant A Wish convention this year. Above, you can see the gorgeous convention auction doll.

Saturday, April 19, 2014


OOAK Beatnik Blues Poppy Parker and Matt Sutton Steffie (2009 Tribute) are modeling the outfit from the adorable Trina Turk Barbie, which is simply a must-have, if your dolls are beachcombers! The accessories are really nicely detailed (especially the bag), and the bikini fits Poppy perfectly.

You can see a few additional photos on Flickr, though I apologize for the grain. I took these at night, and the light was pretty dim.


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