Monday, February 11, 2008

Sewing for 16" fashion dolls

I'm a quilter, and a new one at that. I'm not a very accomplished seamstress. However, there is something appealing to me about sewing clothes for my 16" fashion dolls. I thought I'd post some links to various sites online where you can get tips on sewing and patterns for your dolls. If you've sewn some clothing for Gene or Tyler dolls, let me know. I'd love to post your photos online.
  • Dale Rae Designs - This site has a bunch of measurement and fitting tips, all related to doll clothing.
  • Doll Reader's website has a few fun and free patterns to try.
  • Dolls for Joy has some fun patterns and finished photos. I've used the corset pattern for one of my Tonner dolls, and it worked beautifully.
  • has a couple of fun articles. These links include reviews of software, how to make a doll-sized purse, using embroidery on doll clothing, and more.
  • Dolly Maker has some tips about sewing for dolls.
If you knit and crochet, here is a link to pattern sites as well:
  • Daniel Bingham will email four free patterns when you sign up for his email list.
  • also has some knitting and crochet items for Barbie-sized fashion dolls.

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  1. hello
    Can anyone help me in choosing a sewing machine that will be good for sewing for fashion dolls such as tonner fashion royalty etc?


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