Friday, April 18, 2008

White Witch of Narnia

I thought I'd post a few photos of the White Witch of Narnia on my blog--when I was looking for photos of this Tonner Doll Company doll online, I couldn't find them easily. My photographic skills leave something to be desired, but I hope I captured her essence in these shots. (My husband says light is the key--I'll have to have him help me later on!)
This doll is from the 2007 Tonner Doll Company convention--I purchased mine from Ebay. She is the Miss Gulch (Wicked Witch) sculpt with sparkling eye makeup. This is not everyone's favorite sculpt--she's not the most delicate Tonner sculpt, and her nose is bigger than some sculpts. I really like her unique angular face.
Her blonde hair is in small dreadlocks, which looks similar to the style in the movie. The only thing I currently have against this doll is her fur coat--I wish there were a way to make it hang more naturally. She is currently is my favorite doll (am I allowed to have favorites?), and occupies the prized glass display case.

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