Monday, May 19, 2008

16" Convention exclusives

I figured I'd offer a quick summary of the Tonner Doll convention exclusive offerings here and some of the details. I collect the 16" Tyler-sized dolls, so those are the ones I've listed here. Ava Ultra Basic (LE 500), shown wearing Cocktail Date souvenir dress (LE 400). Actual doll included Ultra Basic teddy.
  1. Dreams (Sweetheart sculpt) LE 300 (front center in white)
  2. Nightmares (Angelina sculpt) LE 100 (left in navy)
  3. Longing (Sydney sculpt) LE 100 (back center in pale blue)
  4. Desire (Emilie sculpt) LE 100 (right in burgundy)
  5. Lady G (Cinderella head sculpt) ball jointed doll, LE 135
  6. Lana Lang (LE 300), new sculpt
  7. Lois Lane (LE 300), new sculpt
  8. Superman
  9. The Blue Fairy (LE 400) Cinderella sculpt from the Pinocchio farewell brunch.
Two new sculpts were added--Lois and Lana--and of the convention dolls here, Cinderella was featured twice. She must be quite popular. I'm not overly fond of this sculpt--I only own Cinderella Masquerade. She is cute, but she seems a bit cartoonish to me. I must say, however, that I'm fascinated by the Lady G ball jointed doll, which is also a Cinderella sculpt.
Also, Ava is starting to grow on me, little by little. I didn't like her chin very much at first, and maybe the photos are just more flattering angles, but she's actually quite pretty. And I think I need a Sweetheart sculpt doll as well.
If you haven't seen the Tonner Doll Company convention blog, check it out!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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