Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tonner promotional photos from Metrodolls luncheon

From the TonnerSpace newsletter for September, I noticed a few promotional shots of the gorgeous exclusive dolls from the Metrodolls fundraising luncheon. Beginning tomorrow, September 18, extras of these dolls may be available for purchase. So check out their website!

Ultra Basic Julie (Tess sculpt with an adorable updo on a tan Tyler body) is a limited edition 150, and she is the companion doll. She is also shown here modeling the souvenir outfit, A Day on the Mississippi.

Magnolia is a new sculpt, who, like Julie, was inspired by the Broadway musical Showboat. She's a limited edition of just 200 dolls, and was created exclusively for this Metrodolls event. She was the souvenir doll, and I am thrilled to have purchased an absentee package for this event--I am checking the mail daily!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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