Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mad About the Hat

I just received a new split, Mad About the Hat, from Dreamcastle Dolls. Carol will often all her customers to split a doll from its outfit. I pre-ordered the basic Joan Crawford doll, Ready for Wardrobe, which should ship at the end of the month, to wear this outfit.
I was impressed with the quality of this suit. I don't own many casual outfits by Tonner, and this is the first item I own from the Joan Crawford collection. I'm hooked. It's very 50s in style--from it's large hat and ruffled gloves, to the long, high-waisted pencil skirt and jacket. The shoes are just adorable.
My model is Crimson on the Park Tyler, a gorgeous brunette, also a split from Dreamcastle. (Have I mentioned what great prices and service you get from Dreamcastle? One of my favorite places to shop--I wish I lived in Austin!)

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