Monday, January 28, 2013

Tulabelle is available for pre-order!

Integrity Toys has previewed a new line of dolls in the 16" size, called Tulabelle. This doll uses the Poppy Parker Fashion Teen body, and dolls are limited to 300.

Two basic editions are available for $115 each, and they will deliver in early May. Above, it's the brunette Violet Femme, in a chic and sporty asymmetric skull tee, black shorts, silver hoop earrings, ringed socks and high-heeled sneakers.

J'Adore is the blonde version of the basic doll. She's wearing a printed tee, pink miniskirt, pink stud earrings, and socks with her platform sandals.

Four dressed Tulabelles are also available to pre-order for $150 each. Yeti to Wear is a blunt-bang raven girl in skinny pants, super-high platform boots, a lace blouse, purple faux fur vest, embroidered clutch, earrings, ring and two necklaces. I think she's adorable.

Pomp and Circumstance will deliver in early May. She has a medium blonde partial up-do, and lots of terrific accessories--dangling earrings, black ring, beaded necklace, "Love" tote bag, two pairs of shoes--black flats with silver toes and gorgeous metallic red heeled loafers, and sunglasses. Shes wearing red skinny pants, a white blouse with black trim, and a leopard print coat.

Coated in Glamour has an estimated delivery date of June 2013. She is dressed in a belted white-washed gold cocktail dress with mesh overlay, pale blue jacket, and fishnets. She has really cool accessories, as well: a metallic green clutch, long silver earrings, ring, two bangle bracelets and black boots.

Last but not least, and also with a June delivery date, its the platinum ponytail Trend Spotted. An acid yellow polkadot skirt is the trademark of this look, and she's also wearing a sporty short-sleeved pink collared tee, lime fishnets and a black faux leather jacket. Her fabulous accessories include amazing multi-colored boots, two bangles, hoops earrings, brooch and blue purse.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

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