Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New IDEX Ellowyne and Lizette from Wilde Imagination

Great Depression Ellowyne and Great Depression Lizette are available and for sale on Wilde Imagination's website today. Ellowyne is priced at $159.00 with edition size of 1000. She has inset grey blue eyes, applied lashes and a brown wigged bob. I love her 1920s styled chiffon dress and matching shoes.

Lizette was created for the Afternoon of Tea & Ennui event at IDEX, and there are a few of this limited edition of 200 left for sale. She is also priced at $159, and she sports a dark brown wig with inset brown eyes and applied lashes. Her outfit is the same as Ellowyne's--just gorgeous--in a soft salmon pink.


  1. I really loved Ellowyne when she had a painted face but these inset eye dolls just don't have the same appeal, especially since Tonner seem to have quite a relaxed policy toward quality control when it comes to setting the eyes level... you see so many with wonky eyes!

  2. Funny you mention this. As a bjd collector, when I set eyes, I usually try for a pouty look by aiming eyes up and maybe slightly to the side. Having a little white showing on the bottom rim of the eye prevents the doll from looking afraid.

    I realize the heads of these dolls don't open as easily as bjd heads, though, so perhaps it's more difficult?

    Also, is it just me, or are their pupils extremely large for the size of the eye openings? There is an artist I met at Tonner's convention who goes by Jim Dandy, and he replaces these acrylic eyes with glass eyes in a smaller diameter. He also will add glass eyes to painted eye dolls as well, with amazing results. Not one of his dolls had wonky eyes! His work is just amazing! :)


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