Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Angelic Dreamz update

Angelic Dreamz is offering 40-60% off all in-stock dolls to make room for new inventory. Pay them a visit, order more than $75, and get free US shipping!

Sadly, Mattel and Tonner have lost yet another fantastic retailer, as Angelic Dreamz will no longer be carrying new dolls from either of these lines. According to an email sent to customers, both relationships are being terminated because of significant undercutting of prices from manufacturers in their own on-line sales.

Hopefully, this means that we will be seeing more frequent collection releases from JAMIEshow.

I understand the need to carry as little inventory as possible--from a manufacturer's point of view. But some of the prices from doll companies have increased significantly over the past few years--both Mattel and Tonner have had price increases. I also understand that the number of dolls produced under license cost more to cover these licensing fees. However, price increases have been across the board. As a collector, when I pay more for an item, I also expect better quality.

I realize that prices increase when the production costs increase. I'm sure many manufacturing facilities overseas have had an increase of production costs. However, when the manufacturer is able to sell their own products at a 50% discount to the general public, when it doesn't offer that discount to its dealers, you have to wonder how much production costs really influence the original retail price. Also, I have to wonder how a manufacturer might benefit from undercutting a dealer's prices.

I love doll dealers. First, you have the chance to order splits and dolls with lay-away, which isn't offered by most manufacturers. Second, overseas customers have a better chance of obtaining the products they want from the first release, when going through a dealer who is either in their own country or is willing to ship internationally. Third, many doll dealers are small businesses that give the country jobs and more income--at least when they make enough money to stay in business.

Finally, there is a certain level of expertise and customer service that you can get from a dealer that you don't get from manufacturers. It's the nature of the business. A manufacturer is never going to offer to sell second-hand stock or items on consignment when they are still producing new dolls, for example.

I'm pained by Angelic Dreamz latest announcement, and I'm sorry to hear it. I personally prefer to shop with a dealer--though it irks me to no end to see my latest purchases discounted so much from the manufacturer directly, right after I purchase them. I don't own a doll business--so I'm sure there are levels of this that I just don't understand. As for me--I'd much rather support my favorite doll company through my dealer. Doesn't everybody win then?

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  1. Unfortunately, inflation and high gasoline prices contribute to the price of items also, and we've got both of those right now. In any case, I think Tonner definitely wants to go the direct route. He definitely hurt dealers in the way he chose to go about it, though.


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