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So Hello Everyone!

My name is Carolyn Mitrovich and I am a doll collector. (Really?! And why else would I be on this blog!) I have loved dolls since I was a little girl, with my first love being, of course, Barbie. I received my last doll for Christmas when I was 12; a Francie doll that I still have. Not too long after that I very reluctantly gave up dolls due to peer pressure.

As an adult, I would always wander into toys stores to check out the Madame Alexander and Barbie dolls, and once a year would buy the MA catalog and spend hours looking through it. I even remember going into an FAO and seeing Gene for the first time. I thought she was beautiful, but being only familiar with Barbie size dolls, I remember thinking she was huge!

My son bought me a MA Tinkerbell for Christmas one year, and then I had to have Captain Hook to go along with her! I held off for several more years, but started going to doll shows, just "to look." I saw a Tyler doll and, like Gene, thought she was beautiful but too big. However, I finally took the plunge and bought a nude Modern Mosaic Sydney on Ebay. Then before she arrived, after doing some research, I went to a local doll shop in Carlsbad to buy her some clothes, as I nether sew nor am a big fan of dolls sitting around naked. The lovely lady there (dear Kathleen) told me about a local doll club. Well I went, and it was off to the races!

Several years later, I have a nice, but small, collection of FR dolls, Dynamite Girls, a few Momokos, several vintage Barbies that have joined my childhood dolls, a very few Silkstones and Genes and several MA 8" inch storybook dolls that, alas, mostly stay in their boxes. But, by far, the most dolls I own are Tonner's and his Wilde Imagination line.

I love, love, LOVE my Tonner and WI girls! For the most part my collection leans towards the costumed and storybook/fantasy dolls. The always displayed girls (I live in a two-bedroom apartment, so space is an issue) are my Alice in Wonderland themed dolls, my Oz girls, Charmed Tyler and her coven (which includes Wicked, Kit dressed in Dark Embrace Sydney's outfit, Agnes and Viktor Dreary), the Re-imagination line, Twilight dolls, all my Ellowynes and Evangeline Ghastly.

For my Fashion dolls I have a rule that I, mostly, stick to; only one sculpt of each face. However, I love Tyler's sweetness, and so have quite a few of her and, of course, she needs her best friend Sydney to keep her company!

I only see my collection growing as Robert just keeps coming up with more and more beautiful dolls. I am especially excited about the new Lord of the Rings line, as it is my #1 favorite movie of all time!

As for the personal stuff:  I am a single mom, with a wonderful son Matthew, who is a Senior at UCSB (although he is currently spending the summer in Boston as an intern for the Red Sox). I live in Point Loma, work for a non-profit in the South Bay, and majored in Ceramic Sculpture in College. I also collect Art and early to mid 20th Century pottery, go to Comic-Con every summer, Disneyland for my birthday and never, ever go anywhere without a book!


  1. Wow--I can't wait to see your fairytales and Alice in Wonderland dolls. That should be fabulous! :) And welcome aboard!

  2. Carolyn,
    Your story about doll collecting made me chuckle! :-) I completely relate. They are a "guilty pleasure," aren't they? As for myself, I try to limit myself to one size/kind of doll - Tonner 16" fashion dolls. Otherwise, I'd have to find all kinds of patterns to sew clothes for them. However, I will buy the same face sculpt more than once - as long as the hair color is different... I can't wait to check out your dolls.


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