Thursday, June 12, 2008

Queen of Clubs/Anne of Cleves

I received the Wicked Witch of the East's outfit from Dreamcastle Dolls recently, and I'm using the outfit for part of my Wives of Henry VIII collection. It's a soft gray, and understated for the Tudor time period: perfect for Anne of Cleves, the fourth wife who was "too plain" for Henry.

I think the Betty Ann sculpt--particularly the Queen of Clubs--makes a perfect model for Anne. She's one of the two of Henry's six wives who survived him, through a divorce and becoming his "beloved sister", hence her slight smile. She came from a conservative Lutheran family, and she wore clothing that was considered conservative and outmoded when she arrived in England. I do need to find some appropriate head covering for her, but her hairdo is perfect.

I love the outfit--great details and lots of pieces, though probably not historically accurate. I'm looking for sort of impressions of Henry's wives, rather than historical accuracy. The outfit includes a one-piece gray satin gown with petticoat, matching corset, gray over jacket with long chiffon sleeves, and a long matching cape. (I'm not including the broom or pointed witchie hat in my display.)

I am allowing Anne to have a little fun with her striped stockings and sparkling red shoes, however. She managed to outlive and outsmart that tyrant of a husband!

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