Monday, August 11, 2008

More new releases at the unveiling!

This weekend was the unveiling of the Devereux Sisters at the Tonner Company Store. While I wasn't able to attend, I did pick up some of the details from the blog. I'm thrilled with the surprise additions to the current Fall/Winter catalog and some sneak previews for next year. I'll post some photos here, but you should also visit the blog yourself for the full scoop!

Here is the new Kir Royale Layne, which in fact uses the Carrie sculpt. She is wearing the red chiffon dress, and will be a new addition to the Regina Collection.

Next, of course, is the exciting debut of the 1920s Devereux Sisters, Louise and Renée. Both are new sculpts, and these dolls will only be available through the Tonner Company Store direct. I was hoping that their release would mean that they would be available for sale now, but apparently, that is not the case. I saw Angelic Dreamz actually was able to snag a couple of basic dolls and outfits for resale this weekend, and had them up for sale (at what I hope was inflated prices) on their website yesterday, but the dolls are already sold out. I'm really excited about this line!

To my surprise, the next new line is Disney's Sleeping Beauty, featuring Princess Aurora and Maleficent, the evil fairy. While I was always partial to Sleeping Beauty's blue gown, I'm thrilled to see this movie added to the collection. While no other outfits were previewed, I can foresee the addition of a blue gown and a peasant-style Briar Rose outfit, plus Prince Phillip and a spinning wheel, and a bed as props for this collection! According to the blog, Aurora uses the Lana sculpt, which was new for this year. I think that's an interesting choice--I really like this sculpt: it's older than some of the other sculpts, which gives Aurora a serene look. I'd love to see a version of this doll that is asleep, similar to the Sleeping Beauty Sydney that is on my Grails list.

More to come in my next blog post--enjoy!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.

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