Friday, November 7, 2008

NEW Tonner BJD Shauna Exclusive from Angelic Dreamz

I think I've finally found the ball-jointed Tonner doll I'd like to add to my collection--she's a limited edition of just 75 pieces from Angelic Dreamz, and is available and in stock now. She's a Shauna sculpt, but from the actual photos, she appears a bit younger than her usual older face. I think she's gorgeous. I love her hair styles, though I do wish she included a short wig (I'm sure I could add that later).
The basic doll is a mere $550. She includes a white stretch teddy with lace trim and silver shoes, her three wigs, and interchangeable brown eyes. She is crafted from hand-finished resin and has hand-applied eye lashes and full surprisingly natural face-up.
Check out Angelic Dreamz' website for some fabulous photos of this amazing doll. Let me know what you think: Do you own a ball-jointed doll? What do you think of this sculpt?
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Hey, I know this is an old post, and I don't know if you've already bought this doll or not, but I have to say: don't waste your money. She is incredibly overpriced. She's basically a regular tonner doll cast in resin. She's not even completely ball jointed. She's mostly got normal tonner joints (11) and a few ball joints (3). Moreover, she is off topic on the biggest BJD forum, Den of Angels. Check out my blog, and you can see the two BJDs I have. A 55cm one which is about the same price as this tonner doll, and a small one that was much cheaper. Most BJD's of Shauna's height are in the $150-$400 range. So, quite honestly, you are being ripped off if you buy this doll. If you really love her, I suggest you buy the normal non ball jointed vinyl version, because she is a much better value.

  2. Thanks for your visit and your comments!
    And it seems you're not the only one with this opinion. I've heard similar comments from *both* BJD enthusiasts and Tonner collectors alike.
    I didn't end up getting her, fortunately--as she's gone WAY down in price, too. (I did manage to spend my doll budget on other dolls I like better.) ;)


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