Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Kandy Kane

Kandy Kane by alington
Kandy Kane, a photo by alington on Flickr.
A new arrival from Tonner's latest Age of Innocence convention, this is Kandy Kane.

She uses the Daphne sculpt, now usually only found at conventions, one of my favorites from Tonner. She uses a cameo Tyler body with rooted bright red and platinum hair in an elaborate braided up-do, trimmed with ribbon and candy, and painted green eyes with gold eye shadow.

I'm actually quiet impressed with the details of her outfit. Her dress is white satin with red sequins, ribbon, and beaded trim. The straps are made from starlight candies and beads. She's got a gorgeous red sparkling net petticoat in a large polka dot pattern.

Her Christmas green lace leggings are patterned in hearts, and are layered with red and white striped, lace-trimmed leg warmers. She's wearing matching arm warmers, and red sparkling canvas pumps.

She includes an extra pair of "gripping" pose hands, so she can hold her resin candy cane. The base of her stand is painted like a starlight candy.

I've added the crystal beaded earrings.

You can see additional photos of this lovely girl--so much prettier in person than her promotional photo, I think--on Flickr. She's still available from

She's a centerpiece doll, and a limited edition of 150. She'd be a lovely Christmas decoration, and if I can bring myself to redress her, a Valentine's sweetheart, too.


  1. I must be losing my mind (LOSING? Heck, it is GONE!) - I saw pics of this lovely lady, and thought she was an Angelina sculpt!

    Glad your powers of observation work better than mine. I think my problem is wistful thinking - while I love Daphne sculpt, my all time favorite is Angelina.

    1. Blur, she does look like Angelina! The souvenir, Too Sweet, has pink hair, and I'm pretty sure she actually was an Angelina sculpt. The other two were Lollipop (Kay) with blonde hair, and Cotton Candy (Cinderella) with lavender hair.


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