Saturday, July 27, 2013

My "first" attempt at a OOAK Barbie

Okay, so the "first" in quotations means that this is not actually the first one-of-a-kind Barbie that I've tried to re-paint. There is one very sad attempt that is hidden deep in a drawer somewhere in my my house. You will never see a picture of her and we will never speak of her again.

Now that that's cleared up, here are the before & after shots of the first OOAK Barbie that I'm not ashamed to share pictures of. She began as a "Celebrate, Disco Doll!" Barbie (2008) with an afro of short, sausage curls & glitter eye shadow. Cute in her own way, but ready for a different look.

The Make-Up: Although I intended to remove all make-up except the eyes with acetone, the Q-Tip I was using to apply it wasn't quite fine enough, so I accidentally ended up taking the eyes off, too. (I've since heard that using a paintbrush can give you a little more control, so I'll be sure to try that next time.) I couldn't find a lip color that looked quite right, so I ended up reverting back to the original.

The Hair: By adding several rounds of nearly boiling water, I was able to comb the curls out to just the ends. I wasn't sure what I'd end up with, but during the process, I started seeing Kitty Foreman from "That 70's Show", so I went with it. (A little ironic, considering after all that, she stayed within the decade of disco!)

If you were at the International Fashion Doll Convention in Las Vegas this year, you might recognize her from the raffle room. The lucky winner was actually a member of my local doll group, so she has returned to San Diego!

For more OOAK fashions by jennygrey, please visit my Etsy shop!


  1. She TOTALLY reminds me of an African American version of the mother from That 70's Show 0_0 In an awesome way. XD
    I was glad to see it in your text, because I thought that before I even read what you posted!


  2. This is really great for a first (or second...) repaint! I remember my first attempts... nobody will ever see them..never, lol!
    You have talent, so go on with repainting, it´s a lot of fun, and you will see, your skills will improve quickly. The hair though is amazing! Love the style!


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