Monday, July 29, 2013

Poppy Parker Fashion Teen - new release

Also released - It's Poppy Parker Fashion Teen. She's 16" tall with applied lashes, great articulation, and she doesn't have super positive reviews on many collector blogs, apparently. Personally--just adding my two cents--I think she's cute, if more on the anime and less realistic side. And her outfits are pretty amazing.

adore the detail of the clothes, actually, which happen to fit Fairyland's Chicline BJD body perfectly--right down to the shoes. 

Four dressed dolls were released with an October 2013 estimated delivery and $140 retail price. The dolls have rooted hair and applied lashes.

Above, it's The Glad Game. She's blonde with green eyes, and has a sweet printed dress, matching hat and tote, white gloves, flower jewelry and blue pumps.

I quite like the outfit from One Fine Day. She's wearing a sophisticated white printed polka dot dress, white gloves and red pumps. Her accessories include a red train case, matching hat, sunglasses, bracelet, earrings, and hat. This doll has dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Magic Moment features an evening look with an auburn-haired doll with aqua eyes, a shimmering leopard print evening gown with a belt, faux fur wrap, faux leather gloves, gold and black shoes, gold clutch and black and gold earrings.

Winter Wowzers! reminds me of a mod Barbie fashion, and features a raven-haired doll with blue eyes. She's wearing a yellow knit sweater under a spotted coat, black stirrup pants, faux fur trimmed boots, yellow earrings, ear muffs and yellow gloves.

Photos are property of Integrity Toys.

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