Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Chiika, a photo by alington on Flickr.
Oh my. I'm in deep, deep trouble. I traded one of my Fashion Royalty dolls from convention for this adorable Pure Neemo ExCute Chiika. I believe she is a Secret Wonderland who has been redressed--but she came just like this from Azone.

I think she is amazing, cute and adorable! My daughter has a complete hand pose set, too, which is interchangeable, so we have all the hands already. I am so excited! Eeek!


  1. MWAHAHAHAHA! Welcome to the dark side!!!!!

    I looooove Neemos... if you've never checked out my blog:
    (sorry if you have... I can't keep track of who has stopped by where sometimes, I have too many blogs -_-;; )
    It's all about the Neemos... and every Friday I have an Azone update where I share the latest news I've found (including upcoming outfits and dolls for sale XD)

    And you're right, that is a Secret Wonderland Chiika that has been redressed (I have the same girl, although I had to reroot mine because someone cut off her beautiful curls ;_; )

    1. Do you have a recommendation for a Pure Neemo forum, per chance? I'd love to find out more about these cuties!

    2. The person who runs the Flickr Neemo group has a forum that I'm working with them right now to get up and running again... they're giving me admin capabilities and I'm hoping to get that active in the near future... so I'll keep you posted on that!! Otherwise there is just the flickr group and the facebook group, at the moment.

  2. Oooh--I follow you on Flickr! Great blog, too! I'll add you to my list, as well! :)

    1. Thank you! I'll be having a giveaway soon on there too XD

  3. I love Neemos too!! I'm still not decided on which size I like best, but I'd have to say the S and XS sizes are great to work with (I would consider the M size almost like S, because they can share hands!) Several years back, I had hoarded a number of Blythe dolls, and to my delight, the S and M Azones can comfortably wear most of the Blythe outfits (the XS girls can even get into a number of Monster High outfits...believe it or not!)


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