Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Smoldering Seduction

Smoldering Seduction by alington
Smoldering Seduction, a photo by alington on Flickr.
My next project is coming along very smoothly! I'm working on Daphne: Out of the Box.

With my latest purchases and trades, I found a few dolls on my list that had been proving to be a bit elusive. The one you see above is Smoldering Seduction, who has been grail of mine. I think she's lovely. She came from Just Imagine Dolls, who have just started a page on Facebook. (Their customer service is great--and they have a great selection of older Tonner and Effanbee dolls. Go check them out!)

You can check out my latest arrivals on Flickr. Just before dusk yesterday, I took a bunch of yucky (well, not very sharp) iPhone photos, and I've uploaded the set for your criticism--er, enjoyment.

The remaining dolls I'm looking to beg, borrow or steal for photo sessions are:
  • 2004 Effanbee's Midnight Enchantment 
  • 2004 Black & White Ball
  • 2004 Creme de la Creme
  • 2004 Divinely Daphne
  • 2004 Platinum Panache outfit
  • 2005 Crystal Celebration outfit
  • 2005 Resort Daphne
  • 2006 Moonlight Mystery
  • 2006 Mirror Mirror
  • 2007 Noel Angel 
  • 2009 Madame a la Menthe
  • 2010 Garden Party Iris Raven
  • 2011 Wilhelmina Wonka
I have a number of dolls I can trade, or I'd be more than happy to simply "borrow" your doll. I can do that by buying it from you, and then selling it back to you at the same price after the photo session. We would arrange in advance how long the doll will be in my possession, as well--I usually only require a day or two, depending on when the doll is received. (My home is non-smoking, though I do have several cats. I would take very, very good care of your doll.)

If you can help me, let me know. Contact me via the Flickr messaging system, or at the email I've listed on my DollPage account. Thanks!

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  1. Emailed you about a trade! hope to hear back from you! gina c in al


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