Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Looking for additional clothing options for Deja Vu?

Check out some of MegannArt's latest additions, designed especially for Deja Vu, Tonner's newest fashion doll. This adorable pink tulle dress is available for just $15.50, and also fits Cami & Jon (Antoinette), Integrity Toys Poppy Parker Fashion Teen, and Soom's Rosette BJD.

I highly recommend Megann's fashions--she specializes in tiny seams and delicate fabrics. Check out her store--just in time for the holidays!

Photo property of MegannArt.


  1. I love your doll she is very beautiful and her dress is wonderful!

  2. Can you tell me where I can find shoes for the Tonner doll Deja Vu ?
    Thank you

    1. Have you checked Facets by Marcia? I don't know that she for sure has shoes for this new size yet, or if Déjà Vu's feet are a different size than other Tonner girls, but she'd be a great resource!


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