Friday, October 10, 2014

Malibu Superstar Barbie


I was able to acquire my very first Barbie in close to mint condition at the last Barbie convention. My friend Kathie found this rather unique Superstar Barbie in a swim suit. I remember her, the vinyl doll case, and all her beach accessories from my childhood.

I'm almost certain this is the first Barbie doll I had and whose feet I chewed to bits as a child.

Isn't she lovely? I'm trying hard to restrain myself from chewing on her feet today. The fact that she's tied into the case with permanent plastic ties helps quite a lot.

Check out more photos of her on Flickr.


  1. That's such a great feeling, to finally track down the doll you loved so much as a child. Congratulations! :o)

    For me it was a 70's Mary Quant Daisy doll in an outfit called Meadowsweet. She wasn't my first doll exactly but my most beloved and it was such a thrill to find one with the lovely bouncy curls intact I almost cried :o)

  2. Congratulations with this amazing find, the case and doll are in such great shape! I have never seen this particular Barbie set before, she probably wasn't released in Belgium in this gift set version. Please don't chew on her (I don't think she will taste good) ;-D.

  3. She is lovely, indeed.. I didn't have this doll but she sure lets you reminisce of how girls looked like back in the day :) Very nostalgic :) Congrats on getting her!

  4. She has such nice blue eyes :)
    My cat chewed on all my Barbies hands and feet as a child as well lol!

  5. Finding a childhood friend again -- especially in excellent condition -- is a great feeling. Congratulations!


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