Tuesday, October 7, 2014

New Seki Momoko: Flight Attendants and Monchichi

Sekiguchi released a few new Momoko recently.  Among the new ladies, we have a couple of flight attendants with a limited outfit from LAMMFROMM and a new wake-up doll with Monchichi. 

There are two different versions of the flight attendant, LAMM and FROMM.  Both ladies have the same haircut, but LAMM has strawberry-color hair and FROMM has blonde hair.  They both appear to have the exact same skin tone, outfit, and face including the dark eyeliner.  The dolls will be available in mid October for 15,800 yen.  You can purchase them from your preferred doll dealer.

Next up is the new wake up doll.  She's a special edition similar to some wake-up dolls offered in the past.  She comes with a Monchichi.  She also has freckles!  As with all wake-up Momoko, she comes with a basic outfit and no shoes.  She will be available this October for 7,800 yen.  She can likely be purchased from your preferred doll dealer. 

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Pictures courtesy of Sekiguchi.

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  1. Oh my--those flight attendants are to die for! Ack! What's a doll collector to do??


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