Monday, February 2, 2009

Tonner's new fashion doll Antoinette

No official promotional photos yet, but repaint artist Laurie Leigh has some terrific photos posted on her website. Check them out--and check out her amazing work while you're there as well. (She does absolutely amazing repaints of Tonner dolls and is currently working on Antoinette!)

Also, if you can't get enough photos, check out the photos by Facets by Marcia. Marcia makes the best rhinestone shoes and jewelry for dolls ever, though she has been ill and there has been a shipping delay until lately. I may need to add Idyllic to my collection of dolls. She is gorgeous!

Antoinette is a 16" tall fashion doll with a brand new, slim busted body sculpt, similar to the Geisha/Sister Dreary size, as you can see in George's (from Angelic Dreamz) photos. She has articulated wrists and elbows, similar to Tyler, but her hip joints are different, allowing her to cross her legs and arch her back. Her neck is also significantly slimmer than Tyler's.

Basic dolls will retail at $89.99 (in editions of 1000 per skin tone) and dressed dolls will run for $189-249 (in editions of 250 to 400). They should be available for purchase soon, and should start shipping in May or June.

Some other news about this doll: Robert Tonner said they would be adapting some of the current sculpts to fit the smaller neck, so we might be able to see some familiar faces on the new body style. The first wave of dolls won't be available till May or June, so the other sculpts won't be available till at least middle of the year. 

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