Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tonner 2009 Collection

The 2009 Tonner Doll Collection is finally up on the website--most of the images are working. Here are the highlights (in my opinion, and listed in order that they are listed on the website):
  • DeeAnna Denton has some great new basic and dressed dolls with some new terrific promo shots and great new outfits. I have to confess, I have deliberately avoided this doll in the past (due to her larger body size, since she can't share Tyler's clothing), but she's adorable.
  • Disney Princess dolls. Snow White is making her debut with the new 15" teen body that Bella Swan (from Twilight) uses. There are two dressed dolls available--one in her traditional fancy outfit with yellow, blue and red, and then one in her raggedy cleaning dress (complete with clogs).
  • Also, listed here and under the American Model section, you'll find new 22" Cinderella, Belle and Sleeping Beauty dolls, with facial sculpts inspired on the Cinderella sculpt. These are priced similarly to other dressed American Models, however--at $349.99--so be prepared for some sticker shock.
  • Actress Bette Davis makes her debut as well. I'm anxious to see this sculpt in real life, since the Joan Crawford sculpt was so amazing. A basic doll is available, two dressed dolls and two outfits.
  • Under the Dick Tracy line, two gorgeous new dressed dolls have arrived--a new Tess and a new (not platinum!) Breathless. I do love the Breathless doll.
  • A teaser spot announces a new fashion doll called Antoinette, who will be unveiled at IDEX 2009.
  • Joan Crawford introduced another new basic doll (very nice!) and a gorgeous raven-haired dressed doll to her line.
  • Miss Piggy debuts her line of basic and dressed dolls, plus wigs. She's quite a likeness, and she's 16" of all pig.
  • The Golden Compass introduces the most gorgeous character in the movie--Serafina Pekkala. I hope she's as pretty as her promo photo.
  • Will Turner makes a limited edition appearance (250) in Arrested at the Altar in quite a fancy outfit in the Pirates of the Caribbean collection.
  • Gone With the Wind debuts three more Scarlett dolls, one Melanie doll, and another Rhett doll for the collection.
  • The Superhero DC Stars line debuts its new DELUXE Tonner Character Figures, which are new facial sculpts on the new action figure 17" bodied with fashion feet. They've added quite a few character to the line, including the Green Latern, Hawkwoman and Catwoman, in addition to redoing Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Poison Ivy.
  • Agnes Dreary has added a new Agnes, Viktor and Sister to their lines--Sister's outfit is a limited edition of 200 and is particularly pretty. Plus, she's auburn this time around. In addition, Tonner is offering a 16" Flexi-pose™ Agnes doll with inset eyes as well.
  • Finally, to Tyler Wentworth! Might I quote the top of the page: "Tyler's 10th Anniversary Celebration officially kicks off with her glorious wedding to Matt O'Neill™ at the Tonner 2009 Convention in Lombard, IL!" I think this year will be a fun one. Gorgeous Tyler and Sydney dolls are listed on the site, plus, surprising to me, a fantastic Angelina, exclusive to TonnerDirect. Also, A Deluxe Giftset is listed, with the original Tyler sculpt and Sydney sculpt, but no photos listed as of today.
  • Harry Potter has listed a new Dumbledore and Bellatrix Lestrange figures.
  • Also new this year are the Maxwell Smart (Steve Carell) and Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway--very good!) from the Get Smart™ line. I'm impressed by Anne Hathaway's likeness, though not so much with Steve Carell's (though I do like his shoe phone).
  • Torchwood has been listed (with no photos) as a new line. I'm not familiar with the show.
  • Dr. Who also has been listed with no photos. I'm interested to see the dolls as well.
  • Now to the Wizard of Oz... This line has added a new Dorothy, in the likeness of Judy Garland, in the new 15" teen body, complete with many new outfits. I'm not sure I'm excited by this new body yet--I'd like to see real life photos first. I do like Lady Emerald, though--her spooky eyes intrigue me.
  • Alice in Wonderland has added a new Alice and a new older sister to Alice (also in the new teen body), plus a delightful new Queen of Hearts, who will look lovely next to my ReImagination dolls in a Wonderland Costume Ball outfit. Unfortunately, she is also a TonnerDirect exclusive, so I can't patronize my favorite dealers for this doll.
  • Speaking of ReImagination, this year has brought about a spooky rendition of Romeo and Juliet, called Star-Crossed and The Sun, which I find quite intriguing. They use the Sean and Cinderella head sculpts, and include a vial of poison and a dagger.
  • Last on the list are the Devereaux Sisters. Two new fancy dressed dolls, and two new outfits, available only from TonnerDirect, these are some gorgeous pieces. I collect historical dolls, so at least one of these lovely ladies will make it to my house this year, I'm sure.
All in all, there were some surprises in the collection this year. I'm excited to see the rest of the photos and the release of the Antoinette™ line. My advice to you collectors is to find your favorite doll shop and pre-order your for-sure-must-haves early, and wait on the others. I will be doing that shortly. Keep in mind that many shops (such as Dreamcastle Dolls) will split a doll from her outfit as well, so if you only want one, you can save a lot of money.
My question to you: What are your favorites from the new releases? Your disappointments? I hoped to see more Jeremy Voss and more Tyler Wentworth. I hoped (of course) to see some historical dolls. Please leave your comments for me!
Photos courtesy Tonner Doll Company.


  1. Thanks for info, its always fun to see the new dolls... but I have to disagree with your advice- I always wait to see the real doll, given that the production sample and an actual doll always look different, and my 'want' list is always completely different after I've seen what you actually get.

  2. That's a very good point. I have to say, the only place for me to see the real doll is online, on blogs, Ebay and online forums or message boards--never in person. There are no doll shops close to me, unfortunately, and I just don't find that most doll collectors' photos do the doll justice--not that the promotional doll photos do either.
    I haven't been disappointed in a pre-order yet, though I tend to be pretty careful in which dolls I order, I suppose, and maybe not as meticulous as some collectors, also. I tend to collect dolls that "speak" to me, rather than the ones that really fit with me theme anyway, so maybe that's why they tend not to disappoint.

  3. Many gorgeous dolls but was disappointed their weren't more in the Tyler line. Love Serafina Pekkala from the Golden Compass line.

  4. I love Serafina, too!

    I heard a rumor that there actually will be more additions to the Tyler Wentworth line (from one of the dealers) before the year end. Yay!


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