Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Black Friday specials from Tonner Direct available now!

Two extra-special deals are available now (even before Black Friday) from Tonner Direct. Both dolls will ship around December 8, 2009:

The Twilight Edward Cullen dressed Tonner Character Figure™, previously exclusively available through Amazon.com, is available from Tonner Direct for just $89.99 (retail $139.99). Edward comes to you dressed for Forks' High School prom, in his black twill suit with working buttons, and a white oxford shirt, sleek tie, socks and dress shoes. Of course he also includes his signature Cullen crest bracelet as well.

Turn Me Bella Swan is the other special sale exclusive. Also originally retailing at $139.99, she is on sale for $89.99. Bella is also dressed for prom in a rich blue chiffon gown, mesh leggings, an embroidered ivory cardigan with ribbon flowers, beaded bracelet, pantyhose, knit socks, canvas sneakers, and a removable leg cast.

Check out the other great sales as well.


  1. who can tell me, is turn me Belle wearing only one shoe? or there will be another shoe for her in the box? Just curious who will buy doll with only one shoe?

  2. Well, according to Tonner Direct's description of this doll, the cast is removable, and she includes "knit socks" and "canvas sneakers," which seems to imply that she includes the other shoe as well.

    Unlike the other nomadic vampires. Which are barefoot. (However, they technically are also barefoot in the movie as well.) :)


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