Friday, November 13, 2009

Seine - New resin fashion doll by Doug James

Seine is a newly released fashion doll by Doug James of JDJ International. She's 19" tall, crafted of break-resistant resin. She's highly articulated, with joints at the neck, shoulders, bust and hips, plus double joints at wrists, elbows and knees, which allows her to have a high range of movement.

She's a wigged doll, and wears a 5-6 size wig. She's similar in size to CED dolls (with a slightly smaller size shoulders and rib cage), so she should be able to share most of their clothes.

Midnight, the first in the Seine Fashion Doll Collection, includes the gorgeous blue gown, silk balloon shrug, gold shoes, necklace, three bracelets, cocktail glass, handbag, carrying case, and plexiglass stand.

Her retail price is $595. Happily Ever After will be carrying her (I saw her there first--and they are a great place to order from), and I believe Cherished Friends may also be carrying her as well.

As an aside--this doll seems to be marketed toward the fashion doll collector, and not towards the ball-jointed doll collector. Perhaps if you enjoy Sybarites, this doll might appeal to you, as her price is some less than Sybarites. However, her fashion is definitely not as edgy as the Sybarites'. She doesn't have interchangeable eyes, like normal BJDs, nor is she described as a strung doll. And her scale is larger than the other 16" tall dolls. I wonder who will be most interested in her.

I do find her promotional photos very lovely, however. I personally am interested to see real life photos of her!

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