Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tonner Doll gossip and rumors

Here are some totally unfounded rumors regarding Tonner Dolls. Actually, not entirely unfounded. These are a result of some questions and answers by Robert Tonner himself on a chat with the collectors on Sweetheart's Dolls Yahoo group. (If you're not a member, go join!)

  • Ann Estelle is taking a vacation right now.
  • Mary Englebreit (the 16" doll) was sidetracked and eventually dropped.
  • As much as he likes Kitty Collier, he thinks he did as much as he wanted with her.
  • Tonner never says never about a character. (Take Mei Li as an example.)
  • On Dr. Who: The samples were approved by the Dr. Who group many months ago. Now they are waiting on the BBC. Recently they received positive news that they are about at the end of that process (possibly even before Christmas).
  • Rita Hayworth would be a great addition to the movie star line, but there aren't any plans as of today.
  • About an UltraBasic™ version of Daphne: There aren't plans for her now, but they eventually get around to everything.
  • Tonner is a huge Joss Whedon fan (Firefly and Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Those characters got a lot of votes on the last poll (yay!), but he's not going to spill his guts right now.
  • He has considered doing a resin version of Ellowyne Wilde, but nothing is in the works yet.
  • He is very excited about what will be released at IDEX. He hinted that if you love Cinderella, you should go, but didn't say much more. He said he "has big plans for the Cinderella head, but not quite the way it was." Also, he will be unveiling Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" and Disney's "Prince of Persia."
  • In response to his favorite doll, he is currently loving one of the new ones to be released at IDEX, and also Ellowyne.
  • The human-sized clothing gig is going great, and he's having a good time with it!


  1. Rita Hayworth would be fantastic...but sounds like a long way down the pike if at all.

  2. Personally, I was hoping for Audrey Hepburn. But I'd be thrilled with Rita as well!

  3. I wonder how would look a Buffy doll =))) Oh... and Spike ! (imagine me with heart beating while writing "a Spike doll" ^^)
    Eäréwen from *France


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