Friday, February 17, 2012

An invitation...

While browsing the web earlier this week, and taking care of tax-related documents of my own, it occurred to me that in today's society, we expect our artists and creative people to not only create, but to also market, package and display their creative items in such a way that pleases us and is ready for us to consume and enjoy. I wonder how often that a) contributes to artist burn out and b) ignores smaller artists who aren't ever able to get that organized.

Maybe there is be a better way to display smaller, hand-crafted (or even not hand-crafted) items as they are related to the doll market. I'd like to do whatever small part I can to help promote these artists. That being said, I'd like to start a regular feature on the blog that spotlights a particular doll artist, and we can do our part.

If you have a doll-related business, and you'd like us to link to your site, please leave a comment below! We'd love to hear more from you.


  1. I think it's a brilliant idea!

    I'm so conscious lately of the fact that being a one-woman show is incredibly tiring. The hours we all now spend trying to promote our business's on social networks are now adding to the existing strain of listing items, packing items and posting things out, book keeping - all the day to day running of a business. All of this takes us away from creating... the part we are actually good at!

  2. Thanks Yve for highlighting this blog, and thank you Alison for your thoughtful solution/contribution to an area of difficulty many artists face.
    I have just set up a new blog geared to my clothing line for dolls (Blythe/Pullip, and soon, when I get some free time to experiment, the full range of BJD) Prior to clothes making, I was a fellow art doll maker with Yve above.
    Abi Monroe

  3. It is refreshing to finally see a post like this! (^_^) I have to take breaks every few commissions or so. As a doll artist I feel a lot of pressure to perform all of these tasks as well as focus on the quality of my work. Not to mention I also enjoy posing and photographing my dolls just for fun. But sometimes that becomes difficult with everything else going on around me. I'm still learning and shaping what I do, but it was really wonderful to see this post. You actually purchased one of my gals. A purple/blue haired Steffie with a short style. Which was a huge compliment! Thank you for putting this up and out there for other creative doll artists.

    -Cat of A Doll Affinity

  4. That's a great idea, Alison. I often don't have enough time to do marketing or keep up on things like my blog.

    Professional Artist


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