Sunday, February 19, 2012

A new dress for Isha's accessories

My good friend (and fellow FDR contributor) Kathie is always coming up with interesting projects for me. The latest was taking the accessories from the Hello Bolly! luxury wear accessory set, released in 2005 by Integrity Toys, and creating a new outfit to go with them.

At first, I thought I'd go with a dark chocolate brown dress to match the color of the leather in the accessories, but decided it would be much to dark to dress her all in brown. So, I decided to go completely the opposite and created her a dress out of some vintage, ivory lace that I pieced together to create the "fabric" of her dress. I did give her just a little brown satin bow at the neckline to tie the accessories to the dress.

Since I think Kathie plans to dress her own Isha in it, I've used my Isha as a model, and her dark skin tone really makes the ivory pop.

Enjoy the pics!



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