Sunday, March 17, 2013

Check out my latest trade list...

New York Night Cami
Happy St. Patrick's Day, readers!

Treat yourself to some dolly trades--maybe you've got some in your collection, looking to go to a new home. I've added to my Want-to-Trade list. I'll post it here, as well as on the DollPage, in case you happen to see anything you like.

Here is a current list of what I've got for sale, with more to be added this week. Don't like my price? Make me an offer!

Now... on to my trades. My items, like yours, come from a non-smoking home. I have cats and kids, though both stay away from my dolls, unless otherwise labeled.

This week, I'll be uploading (I hope) some additional bargain bin items.

Here's my current wish list of items--I found a trade partner who is looking for some Integrity Toys items, which I don't have. But if you do--then we've got a deal!

Requirement is non-smoking. Deboxed is OK. Nude is also OK. Condition may be negotiable.

Heart Family
1987 Heart Family Bathtime Fun AA
1988 Heart Family Visits Disneyland AA

Foreign Issue Cipsa/Mexico
1978 Hollywood Valerie
1978 Tahitiana Valerie
1983 Bride Tracy (olive green eyes)

Foreign Issue Estrela/Brazil
1987 Barbie Noiva Viky
1988 Cor do Verão Viky
1989 Alta Costura Lia
1989 Bruna - Tênis & Jeans Teresa
1989 Laço de Perfume Lia
1989 Moda Festa Viky
1989 Rock Star Viky
1990 Amigos de Selva Viky
1991 Esporte Total Viky
1991 Primavera Verão Viky
1994 Arte em Moda Viky
1994 Barbie Country Tina

1990 Hawaiian Fun Kira
Any Steffie-faced Rotoplast
1975 Standard, TNT body, hollow plastic body Europe, blonde, pink swimsuit
1979 Rio Señorita Barbie (like Hispanic Barbie)
1981 Réve d’Or Da Sogno Christie (Golden Dreams Christie)
1986 Princess Laura Whitney (possibly made by Congost?)
1987 Laura Fragancia Whitney (also Congost?)
1992 Benetton Shopping Teresa
1992 Ultra Hair Whitney
Possibly others?
1975 Standard, TNT body, hollow plastic body Australia, titian and brunette hair

other Steffie-faced Richwell
2008 Vidal Sassoon 60s, Platinum Label Steffie
2008 Vidal Sassoon 70s, Platinum Label Steffie

Also - not Steffie:
1976 Superstar Christie
1980 Beauty Secrets Christie
1977 Hawaiian Superstar Barbie
1977 Fashion Photo Christie
1977 Fashion Photo Barbie
These girls should be in NM or NRFB condition.

Tonner Girls:
Midnight Enchantment Daphne
Platinum Panache Daphne
Brazilian Bombshell Daphne
Crystal Celebration
Resort Daphne
Star of the Red Carpet Daphne
Smoldering Seduction Daphne
Diversion at Dinner
Noel Angel Daphne
Evening With Simon Daphne
Garden Part Iris, Raven and Redhead
Ultra Basic Daphne
Wilhelmina Wonka
Maybe another OOAK Daphne?
Nude is OK, but original hair preferred.

American Model outfits
Lady Manhattan
Palm Springs Gala
Luxe Be a Lady
Any Disney princess (22") outfit
Creole Romance
Winter Solstice
Possibly others - ask me. I don't need wigs, shoes or gloves with the outfits.

Integrity Toys
Bionica Jordan
Most Desired Eugenia
Heat Seeker Natalia
Private Goddess Natalia
Blond Ambition Veronique
High Tide Vanessa
Brightness Calls Isha
Sunset Rave Ayumi
Luchia Glimmer
Future Bound Luchia
Aerodynamic Vanessa
The IT girls should have good hair, nude is OK, dressed preferred, but deboxed is OK. 

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