Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Steffie of the day: Standard Barbie

Standard Barbie by alington
Standard Barbie, a photo by alington on Flickr.
From the 1980s, these Standard Barbies were issued with blonde hair (in Canada, at least) and the Steffie face. They either came dressed in a swimsuit (I've seen pink, blue, yellow and orange) or in an outfit. Several different outfits I've seen:
  • #2482 Bright and Bedazzling Superstar fashion (green, purple and pink gown with ruffle stole)
  • #1360 Best Buy variation (turquoise star/sparkle print)
  • #2074 Donny & Marie Osmond, Sears exclusive (peasant blouse, brown vest & skirt, boots)
  • #2302 Get-Ups 'N Go Flowery Delight Is Party Right (yellow floral print dress)
  • #2303 Get-Ups N' Go (pale blue gown with sheer sleeves and tiered skirt)
  • #2965 Designer Originals Wedding Belle 
  • Canada Superstar in #7843 Get-Ups ‘N Go Party Dress (orange/gold)
  • #8688 Best Buy pink dress with sheer black overlay
  • #9157 Best Buy pink tricot nightgown
  • Canada Superstar in #9158 Bicentennial Best Buy
  • #9738 Get-Ups 'N Go Pink & White Lights the Night
  • #9739 Get-Ups ‘N Go (red and clear raincoat with patterned dress, boots)
  • #9743 Get-Ups 'N Go Dreamy Delight (turquoise nightgown with peignoir)
  • Canada Superstar in England DOTW dress (Royal UK)
  • Magic Curl dress
  • Partytime, gold/orange
  • Partytime variation, orange/floral
  • Pretty Changes outfit
You can see a few more photos of this girl on Flickr.

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