Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Glissen from Dazzle collection

Glissen by alington
Glissen, a photo by alington on Flickr.
One of the dolls from Mattel's Dazzle Collection, Glissen uses a mini version of the Steffie face. She is only 4.5" tall, and was released in the early 1980s. This line designed to compete with Kenner's Glamour Gals collection, released around the same time.

These girls include a removable outfit and are articulate at the neck, shoulders, legs and waist.

I believe Spangle and Crystal also use the mini Steffie face mold as well.

You can see a few more photos of Glissen on Flickr.


  1. I had a set of both Glamour Gals and Dazzle Dolls when I was a kid. I loved them both for different reasons, of course. The Glamour Gals were legion and you had SO many choices, with several sculpts, too! They also had more day-to-day fashions and realistic clothes, and they had bendy legs which meant that they were easier to pose.

    The Dazzle Dolls were more glamorous (ironically) and wore sparkly clothing and looked like Barbie. Glissen was, in fact, my very favorite doll in that scale. I still have her, and have acquired duplicates in pristine condition. In my little dollhouse, she was the one who had snatched Han Solo from Princess Leia and the two of them had many adventures together.

    I noticed that she had a Steffie face, and almost gave you one... but then I saw that you had one in the background of one of your photos (from a while back.) I'm so glad that your Glissen had a photo shoot of her own!

    1. Aww--so sweet. I picked her up at Barbie convention, actually. I should add, Glossy also uses the Steffie face mold. I think the others use the Superstar face.

      I have heard that the fashions on the Glamour Gals were not removable. Is this true? I don't remember--and I never had any of these myself.

    2. The Glamour Gals were kind of an action-figure/doll hybrid. Some of the fashions were non-removable, some were completely removable, and some were half and half. For example, pantsuits, jeans fashions, and swimwear were usually molded on and painted. Gowns, skirts, and some tops were removable. All of the girls had rooted hair and all of the guys had molded-on hair. A cowgirl outfit might have molded on jeans and top, but a fabric vest. A clingy top and skirt combo might have a removable skirt but a molded-on top. A doll in a swimsuit usually came with accessories like a fabric wrap or robe, or a towel or something.

      The Glamour Gals guys were cleverly marketed, too. The guys were really accessories that came with playsets. One was a dude in a suit who came with a table, chairs, two place settings, and a dinner entree under a cover. One came with a wedding set. One came with a moped for a motorized date.

      The Glamour Gals also had a nifty cruise ship, though I never had it or any of the bigger playsets. I did have that "Dinner for two" set, and I still possess most of the pieces.


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