Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Bratter Lovers - a giftset from Integrity Toys

A new arrival from Integrity Toys is The Bratter Lovers giftset, from the Barefoot in the Park collection. Poppy Parker stars as Corie Bratter--though IMDB spells it Corrie Bratter (Jane Fonda plays her in the film). Hmm. I didn't realize it, but Robert Redford plays Paul Bratter--so it looks like I'll be watching this movie sometime soon.

I think this set turned out rather well. The box is gorgeous and quaint--I like the graphics, for example. I've been hearing about a musty smell from IT products lately, which I haven't noticed up to this point. However--I did notice on this box's shipper. I think it's the cardboard. I wonder if it's stored outside?

I wasn't 100% on Poppy's hairstyle or the color, but I love it in person. Even the quirky bangs are cute. Additionally, I realize centered eyes aren't Poppy's most popular look, but she's lovely with blue eyes. Mine has perfect lashes.

The outfit--wow. Well, I think you can tell when designers are working on a product they enjoy, and they really seemed to enjoy this one. I am really impressed with the coat. The bead and loop closures on the front are perfectly done, and the stitching is nicely scaled. I also like her turtleneck and corduroys.  Her shoes are short brown ankle boots. IT went out of its way for some fabulous jewelry accessories for this set--rings, earrings, and a cool bracelet, too.

Now, let's check out Chip, or rather, Paul. I'm not much for boy/man dolls in my collection, but I have to say, I'm impressed with how much Chip has matured in this set. His hair looks fantastic; he shipped with a hairnet, so it stayed in place.

Chip's outfit has lots of layers. From what I can tell, aside from the fact that the collar of his shirt might be a bit bulky, considering how much he's wearing, he looks great. That trench coat is fantastic. I really like that he includes a scarf, as well. To me, he looks like what Ken should be.

Now, unfortunately for me, my collection is currently in an uproar, so to speak. While I think both of these dolls are cute, I'm committed to either. I've been more on a resin kick lately. But this happens to me with preorders all the time. These days, if you think you might want Poppy, you have to preorder her, because she sells out so quickly. (When will I learn?)

So, if you've missed out on this set, you can pick up mine from the DollPage. See additional photos on Flickr.

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