Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New release from Tonner Doll Company

Tonner Doll Company has released the remaining pieces of its Fall/Holiday collection for 2013. Here's the first portion--several photos aren't yet available.

From the American Models collection, there is a new Fairytale Basic doll for $299.99, LE300. Arrival date is to be announced. Her photo is shown above. She's wigged (including the blonde wig shown and an additional short brown wig as well) with inset hazel/green eyes. Additionally, there will be another doll, Constance, in a blue and silver brocade princess style gown with chestnut hair, inset blue eyes and the lily skin tone, LE200, for $449.99, with a shipping date to be determined.

Four new basic dolls have been added to the Cami & Jon collection. Resort Stripe Basic Cami is available as blonde or mink, plus Jon and Liu Liu are also available. Each is $119.99 and include removable wigs, acrylic strappy sandals, and painted eyes. The stands are sold separately.

One dressed doll, Spring Frost Cami, is absolutely gorgeous. She's wigged with brown eyes, and includes a gorgeous brocade dress with fringe trime, a twill lurex coat, nude hose, and beaded jewelry. Her shoes are really cool, too. She's limited to 300 and retails for $209.99. Shipping is TBA.

Two outfits are also available. Above, Summer Lace is limited to 300 and retails for $99.99. It will ship on October 25. It includes a feathered taffeta hat, and chiffon and open lace dress, beaded earrings and faux leather shoes.

Below, Chelsea Chill is a nautical inspired outfit for $99.99. Shipping is TBA on this LE300 set. It includes a black bodysuit, black and white skirt, fuchsia coat and black faux leather shoes. It also retails for $99.99.

A new basic has also been added to the Precarious collection. Precarious White Basic wears a black removable wig and has blue painted eyes with applied lashes. She has a white knit dress, white strappy sandals, panties, sunglasses, and is limited to 500. Her ship date is TBA. Her stand is sold separately.

Two new items have also been added to the Tyler Wentworth collection. Chase#5 makes a new appearance--I believe she is a resculpted version of Shauna, as that is what the model below, Warm-up Basic Shauna, is called. She's limited to 500 and retails for $119.99. She looks a lot like her, too, including gorgeous flame and chestnut blended hair in a traditional wrapped ponytail. Shipping date is to be announced.

Above, City Tweed also uses this new sculpt. She has blue eyes and a non-removable mink wig. She wears a tweed coat dress, black petticoat, gloves, tights, beaded necklace, and faux leather shoes. She includes a stand, is LE300, and retails for $219.99, with her shipping TBA.

These items are available for preorder now. I suggest you check out Dreamcastle Dolls.

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