Thursday, February 13, 2014

Big and small? New IT FR:16 release inspirations

With the help of this handy Fashion Royalty Reference List, I've been able to locate photos for the original 12" dolls that are the inspiration (I believe) for the latest FR:16 release.

Above, it's Purple Factor Adele Makeda from 2003, next to Amethyst Factor Anais McKnight. Duh. Just look at the name.

Red Blooded Woman Kyori Sato (2004) is pretty close to Hot Blooded Elsa Lin.

Cosmetic Takeover (2004) Natalia Fatale is nearly mentioned in Cosmetic Surrender Elsa Lin's name. (Photo courtesy Topaze aka LittleBlackButterfly)

Obsidian Society Vanessa Perrin and Obsidian Culture Hanne Erikson share more in common than their names.

Now, I'm not sure what my problem was with this last one. It's Silver Society Veronique Perrin and Platinum Society Hanne Erikson. Down to the actual fur stole--these girls are a very close match! At first I was thinking the latest version of Vero, Breathless, was also a good inspiration.

My point... if you're a fan of the older Fashion Royalty girl and their fashions, you might want to give these taller girls a try. The fashions look pretty cool. And the quality is excellent--at least, it has been in the past productions.

Photos are from Integrity Toys and that handy Fashion Royalty reference list.

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