Thursday, February 13, 2014

Integrity Toys new release: JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS

Three new JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS characters are available for preorder from your favorite Integrity Toys dealer. I have to confess, I haven't been terribly into this line, but I'm impressed with the quality of their clothing and the detail that go into these dolls. The designers are really into them, and you can really tell.

All three are scheduled for a March 17th arrival date, and they are $119 retail. They use the taller Color Infusion body, include extra posing hands, stands, and tons of accessories.

My favorite of the three is Astral Eldrich. She's limited to 500, and has amazing lavender and blue hair. I think it's styled in a high ponytail, but I can't tell from the photos. Her accessories are neat. She's a magician friend of Jem's, and includes gold handcuffs--I mean, how cool is that? Don't you want her just for those??--a deck of cards (it looks like you have to cut them out yourself), and a magician's hat.

Next up, Jetta Burns. She's a member of The Misfits. Come on, I need her tiny black chrome saxophone. (My son just started playing!) I love the detail. Her black and white outfit is very cool, too. And OMG--her mega bangs--not like I ever styled my hair like that... Oh yes--she's limited to 750.

Last but not least, also limited to 750, Raya Alonso. She's knowns as the fifth member of JEM & THE HOLOGRAMS, and includes a cool adjustable drum set. Amazingly, her retail cost is the same as the other dolls, $119.

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

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