Thursday, February 13, 2014

Integrity Toys new release: FR:16

My favorite part of the latest IT release has got to be the new FR:16 line. As many of you know, I'm a huge BJD fan, and these dolls can share clothing with Fairyland's Chicline dolls perfectly. This collection fits my ideal style! I adore them all. I would do anything to see outfits available for sale separately.

There are five dolls in total with an early May delivery date. One is available only from Angelic Dreamz's new site, Couture Dolls. They are all limited to 300 and retail for $175. You can preorder them today.

Above, the new character, Hanne Erikson in Platinum Society. I think she's my favorite. My friend Megann of MegannArt has recently gotten me rather obsessed with dolls in white, and she rather fits the bill. This doll features the Japan skin tone, blue eyes, and super pale lips. There are crystals and pearl details on her sheath dress, and she includes a faux fur wrap, crystal pumps, a ring, feathered veiled hairband, clutch, earrings, and beaded bracelet. She looks like a snow queen, similar an older Vero fashion--I have another post about these in the works!

With her style inspiration as Adele Makeda, Anais McNight appears as Amethyst Factor. I love this outfit, too--it reminds me so much of the Modern Pompadour collection from 2006. She uses the light honey skin tone with brown eyes, with plum and lavender makeup. Her cocktail dress is lingerie inspired--black lace over lavender satin--and she includes a deep purple stole, gloves, t-strap pumps, a clutch, and lots of jewelry.

Elsa Lin appears in Cosmetic Surrender reminding me a little of a taller version of Natalia Fatale--especially the latest convention release, Brazen Beauty. She uses the new hispanic skin tone with a super naked, J-Lo style makeup palette and brown eyes. I think I might like her face best. Her hair is called radiant brunette and styled in soft curls--I hope IT can pull this off. Her short lace cocktail dress has a soft flounce at the hem, asymmetric black embroidery detail, and she too carries a nude "fur" stole. her perfect nude heels, black clutch, gold bracelets, chandelier earrings and ring complete her look.

A taller version of Kyori, it's Hot Blooded Elsa Lin. I'm a little surprised to see two versions of the same sculpt, but it's kind of neat to see the versatility of the sculpt at  the same time. This version uses the Japan skin tone with jet black hair in a bun, brown eyes, red lips and dramatic makeup. Her dress is pretty amazing, and corsets on the side, allowing a black top to peek through the top. Her oversized earrings add drama, as do her contrasting bangle bracelets, and her deep red fur adds just a little softness to the overall feel of the outfit. Strappy shoes complete the ensemble.

The Couture Dolls exclusive is the new character, Hanne Erikson in Obsidian Culture. Obviously inspired by Vanessa Perrin, her fiery red curls and black embroidered suit pay homage to the wonderful 12" version of Obsidian Society--one of my favorite Vanessa Perrin dolls. She even includes a similar mesh veil, cage boots, purse, gloves, and fishnet stockings as the original--done in her own fashion. She is only available from Couture Dolls. (You will have to register for an account in order to even see the listing.) She is available for $175 plus shipping, and there is a $35 deposit +shipping required. I'm wondering how on earth I will resist her... I might need her just for the outfit! It's fantastic!

Photos property of Integrity Toys.

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