Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tonner Mainline - DC Stars, Big Bang Theory, Twilight, and lots of child dolls

Photos are still to be added, but several of new additions are still coming for DC Stars, The Big Bang Theory and Twilight.

Bazinga! It's Sheldon Cooper, for just $149.99 (they must have gotten a great deal on licensing--wow--I've never seen a character figure go for this price), LE500, shipping date to be announced, as shown above. He has wigged hair, cameo skin tone, and his Jim Parsons Portrait head sculpt. No photo is yet available for Amy Farrah Fowler, who is also $149.99, LE500.

From the DC Stars collection, we can expect to see Batman and Catwoman 1966 for $199.99 each. LE500, delivery to be announced. Julie Newmar Portrait sculpt and Adam West will be new to the line.

Renesme has been added to the Twilight collection. She is $159.99, LE500, and has shipping to be announced. She is on the 12" Patience body, with the Mackenzie Foy Portrait sculpt with brown eyes and copper hair.

Lots of dolls have been added to the Patsyette, Patsy, and Half Pint line, as well, if child dolls are your thing. They must be a good seller, since the edition sizes look pretty big and the prices are pretty low--LE250-500 and $70-150 per doll.

I have to say--I am just a little disappointed, but I can't always love every release, I suppose. I'm interested in seeing the new portrait sculpts, for sure. It's always fun to see new sculpts!

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