Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tonner Mainline release - Cami & Jon

Tonner has released the remainder of its mainline dolls, and surprisingly, there were no additions to the Tyler Wentworth line. I like much of the Cami & Jon collection, and the prices are quite low.

Above, it's Party Lace Cami, a pretty blonde cameo skin tone with blue eyes. She's wearing a black lace cocktail dress with peach lining, nude panties and black sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Bold Jon is reminiscent of the old Jaq head sculpt with her brown eyes, mink hair and honey skin tone. She's wearing a dress with a stretch knit bodice and cotton striped skirt, nude panties and sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Stripes Cami has red hair, green eyes on the cameo skin tone. She's wearing a striped shirt, green stretch knit skirt and panties, with black strappy sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

Party Print Liu Liu has a wigged raven bob, hazel eyes on a cameo skin tone body. She's dressed in a floral chiffon dress, and includes nude panties and tan sandals. $149.99, LE300, shipping 5/2/2014.

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  1. Cami's outfit is cute, but I don't like the shade of green. Liu Liu is all the way cute though!


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