Sunday, June 8, 2014

Body comparison between the Azone cuties... from a total n00b!

Size comparison
Back row: Mio, Lycee, Miu. Front ro: Chisa, Lipu, Nanoha.

Well, it turns out my original intention to purchase just one Azone girl hasn't actually stuck. [snort] And it also turns out, Azone makes a bunch of different body sizes, and I know absolutely nothing about them. Many of the sizes are pretty close, so you can kind of share clothes, but some are different enough so sharing is not an option.

If you follow my blog, you're familiar with the main size difference--1:6 versus 1:12. And probably from the photo above, you can tell there's a difference between the two 1:12 bodies. Lipu (the maid) has the larger 1:12 body size, with a bigger head, hands and feet, and she is a little taller, too. Nanoha is the same size as the other Picco ExCute girls, only she's the first doll offered in white skin (at least in this size, I think).

Lipu, with her broom
Chiika and Aika
Chiika and Aika, size comparison
Next--for the 1:6 size girls, it can be a little hard to tell, at first, unless you see then side-by-side. Well, except for Mio:

Mio's Holiday
Mio uses a new body, I think, with a larger bust size than previously offered. At least, I don't have any other dolls with this body shape and this bust size. (It's kind of all I notice when I look at her, poor little thing!) I believe it's called the Deflection full mobile M/LL. When you compare her shape to the Lycee, who uses Flexion M, you can see the difference:

Lycee (Chocolate Mint Ice)
Then, we have the next smaller Flection body--this is the older body style, Pure Neemo Flexion S, though, as her arms don't move away from her body at the shoulders. (The body on newer dolls has arms that can extend up and out from the shoulder.)

Secret Wonderland Miu
Miu (Secret Wonderland store exclusive)
And finally, we've got the XS Flexion, who is somewhat shorter than the other girls. I believe the boys also use this body.

Secret Garden Chisa
Chisa (Secret Garden)
The nice thing is that the hands are interchangeable on all of the 1:6 size dolls, as far as I can tell. Azone also marks the clothing as to which outfits will fit which bodies. If you prefer a particular body over any others, you have the option to purchase bodies separately, as well, which is a nice feature. Personally, I like having a variety. I wish the larger girls came in different colors, too. But they sure are fun! (And no, I'm not going to count how many I have.)

But I will take this moment and let you know that there are several available for preorder right now, and I actually did NOT order any of these, as cute as they are. Check out:
See? I do have a little bit of self control occasionally.


  1. It's interesting that there are so many sizes. Did you buy all of yours from Hobby Search?

    1. Most of them are from Hobby Search, yes, but some I've found on Amiami, Anime-export, one on Amazon, several from Denise Travers, one in trade, and a whole bunch from Mandarake! :)


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