Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Natural Beauty Tooka - Dynamite Girl in the house


I'm afraid it may be some time before I can use my big (heavy) camera, so I'm sorry you'll have to suffer through these iPhone photos. I just couldn't wait to share Natural Beauty Tooka.

I haven't purchased any Dynamite Girls for a while--at least not for my own collection. However, Sooki is my favorite face sculpt, and to see her in this lovely A-tone skin really was a must-have for me. Honestly, though, I have to confess it was her tiny owl print dress that first grabbed my attention. It's so cute!

Integrity Toys promo photo

They have a new box style--a more recycled-looking box with a new logo--since the last time I've had any DGs go through my hands. The inner box top looks like this:


Whether it's actually recycled is another question. And a good one! I wonder if I can find out.

Tooka herself is gorgeous. As pretty as her promo photos, easily, in my opinion. The sheath dress is cotton, and IT did a great job with the fabric print. (I have a daughter whose favorite color is yellow, and who also happens to have a small fascination with owls.) In my personal opinion, the owls could have been just a teeny bit smaller, but I don't think their size is a big deal.


As you can see, she also includes a detailed denim jacket with buttons and pockets, though it only closes at the bottom with a hook and loop. I think this will be a fun layering piece, though, and it's very nicely done.

Her accessories are a great clutch, bangle bracelets, simple hoop earrings, and stunning tiny espadrilles.

Her hair is pretty wild out of the box--so long and curly--but super soft, too. It lends itself well to styling, so she's pretty versatile. I think the style suits her very well, and she's an absolutely adorable little doll for her price point--I think retail was $70. You really can't beat that!



  1. She reminds me of my beautiful Cara doll, I keep her with an afro style like this. I just saw you have written Steffie books. My sister and I loved Steffie. I couldn't resist buying all those Steffie faced Midges in the 80's. I loved Midges and Steffies, so that combo was made for me!

    1. I think that's what did it for me, too! :) she does remind me of Steffie!


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