Thursday, June 19, 2014

Struggling with vintage Barbie or Japanese exclusive fashions on a budget? Consider repros!


I have to confess that when it comes to vintage Barbie and Francie, the fashion I love most seem to be the ones that are hardest to find. Whether it's the delicate tulle or metallic fabrics that don't last through children's play over the past 50+ years, or if it's the elusive Japanese exclusive that people just talk about, perhaps you find yourself with the same budgetary issues.

I've recently discovered that my small bust Integrity models (FR:Nippon's Amelie and Misaki--above--as well as Poppy Parker and friends) can often share outfits with Francie. While this won't save you anything as far as budget goes, let me direct you again to Silvia Campell of Snowdance Originals and Reproductions.

Some time ago, I have the absolute privilege to pick up this lovely Japanese Wedding Gown (original is on page 95 of Barbie in Japan), shown above as modeled by Misaki, as well as Silvia's version of Fall in the Air for Francie (page 99 of Barbie in Japan), modeled by Ask Any Girl Poppy Parker.

Please check out Silvia's website. The outfits do run around $125 and up, but you will indeed get amazing sets with serious attention to detail that I haven't seen elsewhere. While Fall in the Air is no longer in my collection, I really do miss it. I'm pining for a new fashion right this moment!

My top contenders:

  1. Irresistible 
  2. Glimmer Glamour - for Mod Barbie - but where can you find this outfit for $125?
  3. Fancy That Formal - I just know I have a Poppy who needs this gown!
  4. Prom Pinks - oh, that gold netting!
  5. Black Magic in White - for Barbie, and simply stunning, for $85!

Ask Any Girl

Ask Any Girl

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