Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cult of Doll: taster to be published on New Year's Day!

Dear readers and doll fans--

It's what you need to start off 2015 with a bang: a chance to preview Cult of Doll with an exclusive taster of this wonderful almanac on New Year's Day!

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What is Cult of Doll? It's an eclectic collection of short stories featuring the dolls and characters that the Cult of Doll members have created over the past year. Read, for example, this preview, about Miss Araminta and her Curiosity Shop, a character created by Yve Hooson and Grace Garton:
Miss Araminta's Curiosity Shop sits quietly among the other shabby retailers on Goldfinch Lane in Whitechapel. This well trodden thoroughfare's once genteel aspirations are now just a mocking dream as poverty and vice creep ever closer, the tiny brass bells over the doorways tinkle less frequently and many despair. Not Miss Araminta. She revels in obscurity and finds comfort in the shadows at the back of her establishment. Customers disturb her infrequently and even the weak rays of sunshine that permeate the grimy window panes enter here cautiously, tentatively picking out the glint of a glass eyeball or twinkle on the matted fur of the Taxidermy tableaux which sits on the desk beside her armchair. Miss Araminta knows that this shop finds those who need it. As for the rest? She gives not a care.
Don't you want to know more? I do!

Additionally, you can preview Hally Levesque's story, "Nefarious Nelle," also titled, "A Cautionary Tale of Sweet Revenge or How Nelle Grey Arrived at the Notion that Sometimes Learning to Love Thy Neighbor Can Be Murder."

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring our project! Just putting the finishing touches to it ready for publication on New Year's Day :o)


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