Wednesday, December 3, 2014

New Barbie Look collection coming in early 2015... and more!

Several new Barbie Look dolls have been added to the 2015 collection by Mattel, and as you might guess, I am very pleased to see one in particular. They will be available from dealers as well as Barbie Collector, and they are available for preorder for around $29.95 today.

I actually am borrowing these photos from Cheryl's Dolls, who has real-life photos of several of the dolls on her website. Please go check them out! They are quite cute, I think.

First, it's silver City Shine, in a one-shoulder silver dress, side glancing blue eyes with rooted lashes (yay!!), and nice heels. I'm fairly certain this is the Mackie sculpt. She carries a silver clutch, has silver chandelier earrings and a bangle, and a half-up-do.

Next, is the gorgeous brunette, black and silver City Shine doll. I think (but I'm not sure on this, as I'm really not a sculpt expert) she is an open mouth Mackie, with brown forward-glancing eyes, rooted eyelashes, and a parted bangs, with her hair long. She is wearing a sparkling (but not glittering) silver and black dress, black heels, silver clutch and dangling earrings. Again, I just love her eyelashes--and check out her real-life photo!

Next up, Mbili makes an appearance as the copper City Shine doll with gorgeous two-tone chocolate and copper hair, and brown eyes--again with rooted lashes. She's wearing a bronze cocktail dress, matching shoes, a bangle and dramatic earrings, and carries a clutch. Unfortunately, I don't see a real-life photo of this doll, but I'd love to!

My favorite, of course, is the Steffie version, the gold City Shine doll. She has lost of two-toned hair, in loose curls, brown eyes, and lovely rooted lashes. Her dress isn't my favorite, but I'll probably need to add her to my collection since she's a Steffie!

Next, there are several other dolls available, including a new ballerina, called Ballet Wishes. She is in stock now, and retails for $29.95 ($24.95 from BarbieCollector). She has the closed-mouth Mackie sculpt, new ballet arms, and even includes ribbon-tie toe shoes. The bodice of her dress is laser cut, and the fashion is removable.

A new design from Linda Kyaw is the new Birthday Wishes doll, in three variations: Hispanic (shown here), blonde, and African American. These are due spring 2015, and retail for $29.95.

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  1. The face of the ballerina doll is my favorite among those pictured. She's just lovely, and I would buy her if she had articulated arms. On second thought, she still might be fun. Hmmm.

    The others are quite nice, but right now I'm in a "don't buy" mode for the new unarticulated Barbies. Straight arms seem okay (like on classic Barbies), but the posed arms, and particularly the legs, seems even more stilted for some reason. Can't quite explain it, but it seems like diva models having a pose-off or something.


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