Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ebay woes...

This issue has bothered me enough to consider eliminating Ebay as a shopping source--I wish there were an auction just for professional merchants. It’s really a buyer-beware market. My advice: make sure your auction says “from a smoke-free home,” if the smell fo smoke bothers you.
I don’t consider myself a picky person when it comes to smoking. I understand it’s an addicting habit. I don’t specifically enjoy being around second-hand smoke. But when items smell, they smell of stale smoke, which to me smells a hundred times worse than actual cigarette or cigar smoke. Since I'm not a smoker, nor have I lived with any smokers, I didn't realize how bad this problem is.
Since I didn’t read the auction carefully, it’s my own fault. I can’t leave negative feedback if the item was as described, only stinking of smoke. But I would like other bidders to know that items can smell terribly. And I just realized I have another purchase coming that doesn't state it's from a smoke-free home.

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