Monday, March 17, 2008

Tiny Kitty has arrived...

I've gotten tired of coming up with excuses why my two girls can't play with my dolls. I found a great deal on a 10" Tinny Kitty on Ebay, and I thought she would be great to get them started with a collection of their own.
She arrived--new in box, just a 2003 basic redhead (like the one pictured on the right, only the one shown here is a brunette). This doll is so cute! She's a miniature, when compared to Tyler, but she has the same attention to detail, only in a sweeter, rounder face. And her shoes! So tiny, but not fake-looking, like Barbie's always are. Plus, she has a miniature stand--my girls are fascinated by the Tyler stands, for some reason. The girls adore her. So of course, I had to order another one! I can't wait for her to come.
I hope I can remember these are part of the girls' collection, not mine. I'm hoping to teach them to play gently with their dolls, and put them away to keep them looking nice. I will freak out if I find these gorgeous girls in the Barbie bin!

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