Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ultra Basic Tyler...

They have arrived!  I'm thrilled with the quality.  They do not include stands or shoes, but these dolls are really pretty.  I ordered the Raven and Red--almost wish I got a blonde instead.
Raven is wearing my Queen of Heart's Portrait costume, and she is Anne Boleyn.  She just needs a B necklace.  I've dedicated Angelina, who is auburn haired, as Catherine of Aragon.  She reads a little older and larger than Anne.  I also have Kathryn Howard as Elizabeth Swann, and then A blonde Club Jane doll for Jane.  Katherine Parr will be the new red-haired Ultra Basic Tyler.  As far as Anne of Cleves goes... I was going to use Eternal Love Sydney (my only other blonde doll), but I might even splurge on a new Emme doll for her.
I'll try to take some pictures later today.  Still waiting for a few more period dresses, and I have another one to try to sew.

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