Sunday, October 26, 2008

Noel in real life

A Daphne sculpt, Noel is even more gorgeous in real life than in her promotional photographs.  She's very warm--the only cool color on this doll is blue, and only her eyes.  She has a very muted face-up, with lips that nearly blend in with the rest of her makeup.  She's very soft.  Her hair is a warm blonde, long and soft curls.
Her wings are made from feathers and are removable.  Her gown hangs beautifully and is very well made.  Her sandals are gold and are tie-lace style.  She did not include earrings, but her halo was included.
This doll was available as a premier dealer exclusive, LE 250.  I found her on sale from Still Plays with Dolls.  They may have sold out by now, but keep them bookmarked--they have great customer service and excellent prices--especially as a club member!
Check out her promo shots here.

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