Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My first resin BJD has arrived...

I received my very first ball-jointed doll from Bearzabout.com (which I can highly recommend for excellent customer service--seriously--I had such a pleasant conversation on the phone). She is an 11-1/2" resin BJD called Goth Alice by Goodreau Dolls.
She included her adorable costume, a wig and face-up, and her blue eyes were already set. I have to say, she is perfect for a beginning collector: not at all intimidating. I cannot put her down. Every time I walk by my living room, where she is on display, I find myself playing with her.
Truthfully, I have to confess I thought the BJD craze was all hype. But seriously, these dolls are amazing. The resin is truly luminescent. She makes my vinyl dolls look plain boring. Her glass eyes look full of life. My blue-eyed three year-old son even commented she looked real.
Her posing is amazing. I was afraid her joints might be distracting, but because she can maintain the most lifelike poses, I don't even notice the edges of them. The doll is so much fun to play with.
Her costume is simply to die for. The little combat boots zip up the back, so they are easy to put on. Her dress is perfectly made, so the circle skirt flips out at just the right angle. I simply adore her, and can't wait for my first photo session with this lovely lady.
I couldn't find any images of this lovely lady that were for sure safe to publish on my site, but check out the link on Bearzabout's site for a photo for now, just till I get my photos uploaded.
Oh yes--in the latest issue of Dolls Magazine, I read a quote from Paula Goodreau regarding her BJDs, "They are the doll you only need one of," since you can customize them. Well, I can't imagine why you'd only want one! I can't wait till the arrival of my first vinyl version, 17" Innuendo, China Blossom. And I have to confess, at the risk of my husband reading this post, I've also pre-ordered Glinda, from the Upside Down Oz collection. I think I should probably send Goodreau a little note. I can't recommend these dolls highly enough. They are simply beautiful. They make Tonners look like, well, Bratz dolls. Really.

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