Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Scale differences

My current display features Fashion Royalty dolls (you may notice a new little diva there--check her out in the slate blue gown--she'll be getting her own photo shoot soon), an American Model by Tonner Dolls, and Tyler Wentworth-sized dolls. I've heard some collectors don't like to display multiple scales together, but I've found it doesn't bother me.
I prefer to have La Belle Grande on the floor, but she has a tulle underskirt. My cat really likes tulle, and has discovered it, which is why La Belle has moved up to the hearth.
For size comparison--the Integrity dolls are about 12" tall, La Belle is 22", and the other two Tonners are 16" tall. This display will be updated and revamped by the end of the week, I bet--several new ladies are scheduled to arrive. Yay!

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